The popularity of CCTV has increased greatly over recent years and technological changes now provide even better quality of recorded images and incident retrieval times. PC integration now allows systems to be network accessible so increasing flexibility.

A full range of static and fully functional options is available, designed to suit specific applications.


The use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems [ANPR] is increasing being used to record images of number plates from vehicles, either moving at speed or at a pinch-point, to identify vehicle movements, alert operators to a suspect or identified vehicle, check details against a database or operate third party systems such as barrier controls.

IP Based Systems

IP based solutions are changing the outlook for traditional security solutions. The software platforms now available offer considerable opportunities to allow convergence of CCTV, Intruder, Access Control and Fire systems.

Wirefree CCTV

The use of wirefree links to provide video and telemetry signals over MAN [Medium Area Network] using licensable or license exempt frequencies opens the possibilities for installing CCTV in locations where prohibitive cabling costs have previously prevented installation. IP and COFDM Technologies have also contributed to economic growth of this sector.